14 Jul 06 07:00
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Where can I get phentermine without a prescription

Light — Thanx for sharing.
21 Jul 06 17:00
cyndi — I also ordered cod from sisterspharmacy yesterday morning. I called today and they said that it was shipped out yesterday afternoon. I should get it by Tuesday before 4:30p.m.

I got screwed over by ccbasket. They took 106.00 from my acct. on July 14th. I called the 800 no. and of course they tell you that they just got that # on july12th. I think that it's the same company. Don't order from them. Also known as epharmonline.com

I'll post it when I get my pills.
22 Jul 06 23:11
vawanttobeslim — I need to reorder my Phentermine, and my doctor is getting ready to retire. I'm glad I stumbled across this thread. Is everyone happy with the quality of the medication they're getting? I've read on other forums that what they order on the Internet sometimes doesn't seem as strong, etc. SistersPharmacy sounds like the way to go.

Why are doctors so reluctant to prescribe Phentermine? It's such a wonderful tool for losing weight. The only reason they say not to use longer than 3 months is because they never tested it for long-term use and now that it's generic no one will do the studies. Doctors are so ready to prescribe all other kinds of medication (for cholesterol, pain, allergies, etc.). I have a hunger switch that doesn't seem to turn off. I think I'll need Phen long-term off/on to maintain a healthy weight.

25 Jul 06 19:59
phen fan — To those of you who asked if any one had received any phentermine from The Pharmacy Store...

I did.
I ordered 60 15mg pills, and was thinking that this would be a 2 month supply. My last prescription from a different sight that took forever to get, said to take 1 a day. I had great results and felt great. When the pills from The Pharmacy Store got here, the instructions with them said to take 1 pill 2 times a day. I thought that was weird, but soon realized that I HAD to take 2 of them to get the same results as the first prescription.

So basicly, I paid twice as much money to get the same amount of medication, divided into twice as many pills.

This time I think I will try the sisters whatever sight that others above have had such good luck with. :x
28 Jul 06 03:05
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mechassy — I have 3 sources.
Americanpills.com and Phentermine.com with fast delivery but more expensive.
ykpharmacy.com, cheaper but the brand name is Duromin made in Australia. Also, leadtime is about 1 to 2 weeks.
Good luck.

After all, if your doctor not agreed to prescribe you with phentermine, which means you are not yet "qualified" or not suitable to use this drug. Please take note and understand all the side effects of phentermine before start taking it. And, it is only for short term!!!
04 Aug 06 19:24
Donna — I ordered my from sisterspharmacy.com on 8/2/06 and got it today...
06 Aug 06 20:07
Sam — has anybody ever ordered from rxgenericdrugs.com ?
11 Aug 06 17:47
Drna — Oh how I feel for you & all the other out there that have had to deal with ccbasket and Epharmonline. You have no idea what I just went through with them. Supposedly Epharmonline took over all the accts that belonged to NDA pharmacy & Safetrustprocessing.com! I know this because I have ordered from them twice before and when I called to reorder using the same phone #'s on my invoice, they answered Epharmonline. Well, I guess I lucked out because after FINALLY 2 wks of mental exhaustion and calling them several times a day, I got my pills. However, just for kicks the other day, approx 2 days after I rec'd my order I pulled up the Epharmonline website & guess what?????? It is no longer there! Look, if any of read this & want to know what I went through & what steps I took to get my pills, just respond to this email. I have dates and notes as to the hell I had to go through. Oh & by the way.....incase no one knows about it and would like to check out all the pharmacies that have taken money from credit cards and never refunded it or sent the pills, check out ripoffreport.com nd you will see just how bad this thing has gotten. Good luck to all of you & if you are interested in discussing my case, just respond to this letter.
13 Aug 06 14:34
kbbeale — How did any of you chose which mg to purchase? I'm considering buying off sisterspharmacy, but I dont know which mg phentermine to buy?
13 Aug 06 22:20
kbbeale — I read on another site that sisters pharmacy is a no-no to order from......has anyone RECENTLY placed an order here and if so, how'd it go???
14 Aug 06 09:49
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missice13 — Does anyone have a reponse to this? I just ordered from SisterPharmacy. I'm paying COD and my order has already been approved. Anyone care to share their story? PLEASE!!! I've already been fooled by lipovarin!! :evil:
14 Aug 06 18:09
kbbeale — I'd really like to know that Sisterspharm is legit.....I'm considering buying from them, but will pay the $8.95 as well for COD....at least then I'm not out anything if I dont get my product.....
14 Aug 06 20:19
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kbbeale wrote:I'd really like to know that Sisterspharm is legit.....I'm considering buying from them, but will pay the $8.95 as well for COD....at least then I'm not out anything if I dont get my product.....

I know how you feel kbbeale... I did end up ordering from SisterPharm and did the COD. I just checked my email and they are sending it out already!!! Have the tracking number and all...

I wish someone who is taking Phen and ordered from this site would chime in... I'd like to ease my nerves ;-)
15 Aug 06 00:06
kbbeale — Yeah, it would be nice if someone would chime in. But you know, I guess it's a risk you take trying yet ANOTHER med....who knows if it'll work for you, etc etc. At least we wont be out anything ordering COD. Hopefully it does work for us - and I'm hoping to try it soon too. Let us know when you receive yours. I'll be ordering myself soon.
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