21 Feb 08 10:23

when to take phentermine-before or after breakfast?

justlynda — Hello everyone,

I just started taking phentermine two days ago. My doctor said to take 1/2 pill a day for 6 days and then go up to 1 pill a day. I have read online that you should take it either 1 hour before breakfast or 1-2 hours after breakfast. So far, I've been taking 1/2 pill before breakfast and haven't really notice much of a change. I wonder if it's because I'm only taking 1/2 pill?--or maybe because I'm only on my 3rd day?--or maybe I should switch to taking after breakfast?

Has anyone tried it both ways? Which do you prefer? Should I expect to feel any effects this soon or does it take a few days for the pills to kick in?

I have really enjoyed reading some of your posts. You seem to be a very supportive community. I tend not to post much, but usually check in daily to see what people have to say. Thanks!
21 Feb 08 11:21
justlyndab — This morning I took the phentermine @ 7:15. I broke the doctor's rules and took a whole pill--probably not the best decision, I guess. I ate breakfast around 8:30 (1 cup steel cut oatmeal w/ nuts and banana.) I wasn't terribly hungry at the time, but I rarely am in the mornings so that wasn't unusual.

Here's the strange part...the more I ate, the hungrier I got. I'm sitting here now and my stomach is growling and I don't think I've been this hungry in a while. I'm also very tired and would go back to bed if it weren't for work.

Has anyone else experienced this?

PS--I just registered using "justlynda" and got a message that an email was on the way with an activation code or something. I haven't gotten the email, but I'm not allowed to sign in or post using "justlynda." Any advice?
21 Feb 08 11:24
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justlynda — Hi all...me again. You can ignore the PS part of my last post. I just found the email--it had been spammed.

Thanks for your patience with the nOObie.
21 Feb 08 11:32
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NCgirl — I really can't tell much difference whether I eat before or after I take mine. I guess everyone is different. I usually try to take it before I eat. You shouldn't be feeling tired. It should give you energy. You got these pills from your doctor?
21 Feb 08 11:57
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justlynda — My doctor gave me the prescriptions which I had filled @ CVS.
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